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(Cover by Ye ye)


Logan Atchinson, Kyle Driver, Mandy Hollman, and Stevie Jones - The Composition of Kombucha (Academic)

Charlize Baldoza - The Effects of Environmental Changes and Human Disruption on Western Honey bees’ (Apis mellifera) Behaviors (Academic)

Paul Burnham - The Rescue (Prose)

Brendin Christolear - Vive le Poulet (Experimental)

Sahna Das - the architect (Poetry)

Erika Glass - Fine (Visual Art)

Natascha Graham - My Girlfriend, the Narcissist (Experimental)

Aimee Hardy - Glass (Prose)

William Joel - Mother's Clothes (Poetry)

William Joel - No more (Poetry)

Maia Kerr - Adeline (Visual Art)

Prakash Kone - Dreamtime (Experimental)

Olivia Larson - Echoes (Experimental)

Olivia Larson - The Warrior Trilogy (Experimental)

Kilmeny MacMichael - Maro and the Crows (Prose)

Riley Mayes - The mourning dove still sings! (Poetry)

Steven McKnight - Indiscernible (Prose)

Shae McKoen - A Murmur in the Dark (Poetry)

Gabrielle Medina - Adversity (Visual Art)

Robin Michel - Eighteen (Poetry)

Donna Faulkner nee Miller - Iti Manu - Most Unfortunate​ (Poetry)

Jessika Morrison - Burn Scar (Poetry)

Zichang Pan - ZP#5-Day Dream (Visual Art)

Tobi Park - For the Boy of Hollow Bones and an Avian Heart (Experimental)

Toni Park - In case of an imperfect koRean American: Jump. (Experimental)

Toni Park - The Little Prince as told by a pilot-in-theory (Experimental)

Cynthia Patton - Love (Poetry)

Ron Pullins - love story with guns and cigarettes (Experimental)​

Anna Rouse - Golden Gate Bridge in the Fog (Visual Art)

Anna Rouse - Hummingbird Play Time (Visual Art)

Ethan Sabutis - An Endless Valley Far and Wide (Poetry)

Gabe Tronson - 150,000 Volts (Prose)

Patrick Whipple - Nature's Mirror (Visual Art)

Ye Ye - Home (Visual Art)

Ye Ye - Ten Thousand Steeds Gallop (Visual Art)

Ye Ye - Tibet (Visual Art)

Ye Ye - Where are you? Thank you (Visual Art)

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