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The editorial staff at Havik accepts original, unpublished contributions from students and the local (and international) community!

All submissions are considered for print, contests, and possible electronic publication. Creators of accepted submissions will be notified in April, with publication occurring in May.

All Poetry, Prose, Artwork and Photography should be submitted to

Your name should NOT appear in the uploaded file or file name. Remember to credit any sources. Any submissions with uncredited material will be disqualified from publication.

Poetry and Prose Requirements

Submit prose (up to 3 prose of 5,000 words) and or poetry (up to 5 poems). 

Academic Nonfiction Requirements

Submit academic nonfiction (up to 2 per professor).

Artwork and Photography Requirements

  • Submit artwork or photography (up to 5 pieces sent separately).

  • 300 dpi resolution

  • A maximum size of 4.25 inches by 6 inches. (Do not distort the artwork; if an image is horizontal, image will be 6x4.5, and vice versa for vertical).

  • Must be a high resolution .jpg file

  • You must use your title for the photo/artwork as the file name.

Experimental Requirements

  • Submit experimental (up to 3).

  • Anything that does not fit into other sections, including:

    • Screenplays, scripts, audio, video, multimedia, & more!​

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