Our Mission

Havik is a student-run publication that strives to embody the spirit and experiences of artists and authors. We provide them with a platform in which they can express and discover themselves. We aim to serve those that would normally not be recognized. Everyone has a story to tell, and Havik aspires to tell those stories.


Our Story

Havik: The Las Positas College Journal of Arts, Literature, and Academic Writing, founded in 1978, has served as a student-led publication for the past four decades. Our journal was established by David A. Wright, an English Department faculty member at LPC, and first published under the title “Chabot College Valley’s Visions and Values.” (At that time, the LPC campus opened as “Valley Campus” of the Livermore Education Center of Chabot College. Students released the prize-winning poems and short stories that were selected by writers, poets, and faculty.) Wright is also a Haiku poet and retired from LPC in 2000. We are honored to carry this tradition and publish Havik each year from blind submissions sent by emerging artists and writers locally and globally.