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Need Extra Copies of Havik?

$35 online orders using credit card, check, or money order (includes shipping and handling)

Supplies are limited!

$10 for past editions

If you're in the area:

The Las Positas College Bookstore has copies of Havik 2024: Exomorphosis for sale. 

For check or money order purchases with shipping address within the United States:

  • Make check or money order to "LPC Foundation/Havik" for $35 per book

  • Complete the 

  • Print out the order form or send a digital copy to

  • Mail the order form (if printed) and your payment to:

Melissa Korber

Havik Co-advisor

Las Positas College

3000 Campus Hill Drive

Livermore, CA 94551

For credit card orders with shipping address within the Untied States :

  • For each gift of $35 or more, you will receive one copy of Havik. This is considered a donation to The LPC Foundation, and you will receive a donor's letter.

  • Make the purchase using this link LPC Anthology donation

  • Please include the correct shipping address if different from the billing address.

  • In addition to placing your order using the order form in the link, please email us at to confirm the number of copies you have ordered.

For all orders with shipping addresses outside the United States:

Contact Co-advisor Melissa Korber at directly for prices.

Reminder: Accepted contributors will receive a free copy and do not need to order here (though additional copies may be  ordered here).

If you have any questions about  purchases, please email

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